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Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Bedding Poll - just for fun

This is probably a "hope-for" for now, but eventually we want to re-do our bedding decor. We've had the same comforter since getting married and it hasn't held up or cleaned up the greatest. So eventually, we plan to do the same brown carpet in our bedroom, probably the same brown paint and a new bedding set. We love the bedroom furniture collection we have - it's the same furniture Raymond and Deborah have on Everybody Loves Raymond. :-) We did NOT know that when we bought the set. We learned that from the movers from the furniture store we got it almost 7 years ago.
Anyway, thought I'd conduct a fun little poll. I don't want you to be swayed by brand/price, so going to leave that info out. Just going to include pictures below. Please vote for your favorite. :-) We'll end up picking the one we like best of course, but just thought it'd be fun to see what is most popular among my friends. (PS - we would NOT be getting the peace sign pillow in the last. Just not our style.)