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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bryce's new room

When Bryce was barely out of the baby stage, he quickly grew a love for trains so we picked a toddler set with trains of course! And other modes of transportation as well. Love Target for toddler bedding. Good deals and cute bedding! Bryce's grandparents (Tim's parents) got him this toddler bedding set his second Christmas. We moved him to the toddler bed around 19 months to save us from having to buy another crib. So first here are some pics of Bryce's old/toddler room....
Now time for pics of his new room. We had to continue his love of trains (he still loves choo choos)............

Name letters. We started that with Bryce's first bedroom - his nursery in Columbus, IN. We have painted the letters to coordinate with his room ever since. Ethan also has name letters and we will do the same for Baby #3. Kinda fun for a kid's room to have their name on the wall. It's basically what taught Bryce how to spell his name at a pretty young age. He'd read the letters from his toddler room.
These were etsy/ebay finds. The canvas art through Pottery Barn Kids is very expensive. Plus, I don't think it's even available anymore for Bryce's bedding set. I found someone on etsy who paints pictures very similar to his quilt/sheets. They are on heavy paper (not even cardstock) but when framed in these inexpensive wood frames, the look is stunning. Not bad for $20 plus shipping! We bought cheap white wood frames and spray painted them navy. Below the framed art is Bryce's name train his grandparents got him his first birthday. That's kind-of what started his love of trains - was that gift. Found this train track/shelf specifically designed for these personalized name trains. Nice little addition to his room...
This came from a children's resale a couple years ago. So did the yellow railroad sign hung close to Bryce's bed.
One from before hanging up window treatments... to show Bryce's memo board. Hope to put wallets/snapshots of his friends there, and preschool crafts, too. Found the memo board on ebay. The fabric used is the same as his bed sheets.
Bottom line... we have one very happy little boy in love with his new choo choo big boy room!


  1. Too cute! I have been thinking of incorporating trains into Connor's room, but haven't yet. He loves trains!

  2. Love the boys' rooms. They look very cute. We need to redo our guest room for Noah soon so his current room can be used for the baby(ies). I think we're going to go for an airplane theme. I love Choo Choo soul!

  3. Aww, Heather. How exciting!! Any update on your wait-list numbers? I met with a friend last night for some girl-talk. She was telling me about a friend of theirs who had a miscarriage and don't have children of their own. I told my friend about you, your miscarriage and about how Noah is a miracle baby. And that you're in the process of now adopting. It gave her goosebumps. :-) God's plan is always perfect, isn't it? And you have an amazing testimony with Noah and following God's will for your lives in adopting. We'll have to talk soon about possibly scheduling a time this spring for us to come visit and do the photo shoot fundraiser if you're still interested. :-)